Achillea millefolium ‘Paprika’

(‘Paprika’ yarrow)

Growth: Upright clump. Grow in the herbaceous border, cottage garden, rock garden, meadow or prairie. Must have full sun to stand up straight and bloom well. Grow in medium to dry soil. Drought tolerant. 

Characteristics: Non-stop bloom from mid to late summer. Deadheading will extend the bloom season. Large clusters of flat-topped bright red flowers with yellow centres atop green fern-like, aromatic foliage. Flowers fade to pink, then creamy yellow as they age. Attracts butterflies and bees. Excellent cut flower.

Size:   Height 12-24” (30-60cm) 

            Width 18-24” (45-60cm)

Zone: 2  

On site:  1 gal  $15.00