Actaea simplex ‘Hillside Black Beauty’


Growth: Upright, clump-forming, bushy, with tall flowering stems. Quickly matures in height but is slower to form a large clump. In warmer climates, this plant will grow in full shade, however in zone 3 gardens I suggest part sun so that it has time to bloom before hard frosts. Prefers average to humus-rich soil with consistent moisture. Foliage will sear if the soil is too dry. Grow in the herbaceous border, cottage garden, as a specimen near a water feature or in a woodland setting.

Characteristics: This is a late bloomer, typically flowering in September. Sweetly scented spikes of densely packed white bottlebrush flowers adorn waving purple stems. Young foliage is greenish, deepening to an exceptionally dark purple-black that maintains its colour throughout the season. Would appreciate protection from wind. Flowers are excellent for cutting. A welcome late season treat for pollinators.

Size:   Height 4-5’ (1.2-1.5m)
            Width 3-4’ (1.2m)

Zone: 3  

On site:  1 gal  $20.00