Campanula glomerata

(Clustered bellflower)

Growth: Clump-forming, spreading, erect. Grow in the herbaceous border, cottage garden in a naturalized setting or as a sunny groundcover.

Characteristics: Blooms late spring to early summer. Deadhead for sporadic mid-summer flowering. Performs best in full sun or part shade and well-drained soil. Can spread rapidly into colonies in rich soils – divide every 3-4 years. Attracts bees and butterflies. Good cut flower. Excellent as a groundcover in sunny areas.

Colours: Dense clusters of upward facing, bell-shaped, rich purple flowers on sturdy stalks above heart-shaped, mid-green leaves.

Size:   Height 12-24” (30-60 cm) 

           Width 24-36” (60-90cm)

Zone: 3  

On site:  1 gal  $12.00