Cornus sericea

(Red osier dogwood)

Growth: Upright, many-stemmed, suckering native shrub which prefers moist to wet soil. Grow in the woodland garden or massed in a shrub border in sun to part sun.

Characteristics: Beautiful in every season! Deeply veined, dark green leaves turn brilliant red-orange, fading to red-purple in autumn. In early summer, flat-topped clusters of tiny, fragrant white flowers give way to showy whitish berries, which are very attractive to birds. In winter, brilliant red stems add colour to the winter garden. Spreads by suckering or by seed.

Size:   Height 5-9’ (1.5-2.75m) 

           Width 5-10’ (1.5-3.5m)

Zone: 3  


On site:  1 gal  $15.00

      2 gal  $25.00