Geranium Sylvaticum ‘Amy Doncaster’

(Woodland cranesbill)

Growth:  Bushy, clump-forming. The origin of this sylvaticum geranium is the British Isles, where it grows at the edge of woodlands and forests. Fully hardy to our Zone 3, it is suitable for the herbaceous border, cottage garden or in a naturalized setting in moist, humus-rich soil and part sun.

Characteristics: This is a seedling discovered by Amy Doncaster in her beautiful garden in Hampshire, England and introduced to the public by Washfield Nursery of Kent in 1989.  Luminous, sky blue flowers with white centres bloom on branched flower stems above a large clump of deeply lobed, mid-green leaves. Blooms in June for approx. 3 weeks and if deadheaded may flower sporadically later in the season. 

An important early source of food for pollinators.

Size:   Height 24-36” (60-90 cm)
            Width 24-36” (60-90cm)

Zone: 3  

On site:  1 gal $15.00