Ligularia przewalskii

(Przewalski’s Leopard plant)

Growth: Vigorous, clump-forming specimen for part sun to dappled shade. Makes a stunning addition to the back of the shade border, in a woodland setting or bog garden, or beside a water feature. Prefers moist to wet soils, rich in humous. Protect from direct sunlight in the hot part of the day. Blooms mid to late summer.

Characteristics:   A species ligularia from Mongolia named by Nikolai Przewalski, a Russian army officer who also named the Przewalski horse. 

Colours: Tall, golden-yellow flower spikes on black stems. Leaves are large, mid-green and deeply lobed.

Size:  height 3-4’ (90-120cm), width 2-4’ (60-120cm) 

Zone: 3  


On site:  1 gal $13.50

                2 gal $20.00