Lonicera involucrate

(Twinberry honeysuckle)

Growth: A long-lived native deciduous shrub growing up to 8’ whose natural habitat is moist forest openings, bogs, streamsides and meadow edges. Prefers moist soil and full to part sun. Grow in the shrub border, cottage garden, in a naturalized setting or for wetland restoration. 

Characteristics: Leaves are elliptical, paired oppositely on the stem and bright green. In June-July small, tubular yellow flowers bloom in pairs surrounded by two leafy bracts which turn dark red in late summer. Produces paired berries ripening to black in late summer (unpalatable to humans, but traditionally used to make dyes). Other parts of the shrub were used for a variety of medicinal purposes. A lovely ornamental for the garden, its flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies and other birds eat its fruit in winter.

Size:   Height 6-10’ (2-3m) 
            Width 6-10’ (2-3m)

Zone: 2 

On site:  2 gal $25.00