Rheum x hybridum

(Garden rhubarb)

Growth: Forms a large clump with huge leaves on fleshy stalks. Grow in the cottage garden, vegetable garden or in a woodland setting. Useful as an edible or as a bold ornamental plant.

Characteristics: One of the first perennials to come up in the spring. Grows quickly in suitable conditions. Performs best in full sun to part shade in moisture retentive soil. Tender pink-to-red leaf stalks are used as an edible fruit early in the spring. In hot, dry periods, the plant may go into partial dormancy. 

Colours: Very large, heart-shaped, dark green leaves on reddish stalks with ornamental white plumes of flowers in spring.

Size:   Height 3-5’ (90-150 cm) 

           Width 4’ (120cm)

Zone: 3  


On site:  2 gal  $15.00