Rosa woodsii

(Woods’ wild rose)

Growth: Shrubby, Rhizomatous, thicket-forming, deciduous native shrub whose natural habitat is woodland edges and clearings, meadows and riverbanks. Resembles Rosa acicularis (Alberta wild rose) but with a few subtle differences, including paler pink blooms, more shade tolerance and a preference for more moisture. Grow in the shrub border, as a dense screen or hedge or in a naturalized setting in full to part sun and moist soil. 

Characteristics: Blooming June-July, 1 to 10 buds form at the tips of new lateral branches of older woody stems Flowers are varying shades of pink, with 5 rounded petals and showy yellow stamens. Mid-green leaves are oval with serrated edges at the top of the leaf. Rose hips are round to oval, turning from bright orange-red to deep red in fall. Stems are hairy to sparsely prickled.

Size:   Height 3-6’ (1-2m) 
             Width indeterminate

Zone: 3  

On site:  1gal $15.00