Sedum spurium ‘Tricolor’

(‘Tricolor’ stonecrop)

Growth: Low-growing, spreading, mat-forming. A fast-growing groundcover for full sun, drought tolerant when established and tolerant of poor soils and hard frosts. Grow as a sunny groundcover in the rock or scree garden, in vertical plantings or green roofs.

Characteristics: A beautifully variegated sedum, ‘Tricolor’ features small grey-green succulent leaves with pink and white, scalloped margins. In mid-summer it produces a mass of pink, star-shaped flowers that attract pollinators. Over the years it may begin to revert to green, but this can be mitigated by pruning back any green foliage. Spreads by rooting from stems.

Size:   Height 3-5” (7.5-12.5cm)   
            Width 18-24” (45-60cm)

Zone: 3

On site:  15cm $13.50