Symphoricarpos albus

(Common snowberry)

Growth: Erect, deciduous native shrub belonging to the honeysuckle family with a stiff, branching main stem and smaller shoots emerging from rhizomatous roots. Leaves are smallish, mid-green and oval.

Grow in the mixed shrub border as a screen, in a naturalized setting, on hillsides for erosion control, as a hedge or in a wetland reclamation project. 

Characteristics: Bell-shaped pinkish-white flowers bloom in clusters in July, followed by green berries that ripen to white by fall and remain on the branches through winter. Berries attract birds but are toxic to humans if ingested. Performs best in full to part sun in most soils and in dry to wet conditions.

Size:   Height 2-4’ (60-120cm) 
             Width 4-6’ (120-180cm)


On site:  1 gal  $15.00