Viola Nephrophylla 

(Northern Bog Violet)

Growth: Clump-forming to colonizing. Grow as a spring-blooming edger or groundcover in the shade herbaceous border, cottage garden or in a naturalized setting. 

Characteristics: Native to wetlands in nearly all parts of North America. Performs best in full to part shade in moist to wet soil. Self-pollinating.

Colours: Flowers are 5-petalled, ½-1” (1-2.5cm)  diameter, purple-blue with a white throat, appearing singly on a leafless stem.  Lateral flower petals are heavily bearded. Basal leaves are fresh green, rounded, kidney-shaped or heart-shaped with scalloped edges. 

Size:   Height  5-10” (13-25cm) 

           Width 6” (15cm)

Zone: 1  


On site:  15cm  $10.00