Our Plants

Wildwood Perennials is set in the beautiful boreal forest of Central Alberta. Our goal is to live in harmony with our native species and, where possible, acquaint gardeners with the possibilities of enjoying some of them in our perennial gardens. We augment this with species which originated in other places but live happily in our environment. Our plants are most suited for use in the English cottage garden and in the woodland or naturalized garden.

Our plants are grown on-site and chosen for their beauty, their hardiness and their benefits to the ecosystem. Our native peat soil is the perfect potting soil mix, rich and moisture conserving, so your plants can have the healthiest childhood possible. We do not use chemicals which might have adverse effects on animals that wiggle or fly.  Rather, we manually weed, both our stock gardens and our potted plants. Since our plants are grown outside, they are fully “hardened off” and ready to be planted in your garden immediately, without undue transplant stress.

We use new or cleaned, recycled plastic pots and encourage our customers to bring them back for re-use. Our standard pot size is the #1 round pot. We also use #2 round pots for plants with larger roots and 9cm, 11cm and 16cm square pots for smaller plants. We accept only these types of pots for re-use.

Need Advice for your Garden?

Whether you’re new to the world of perennial gardening or know your way around every genus and species, Wildwood is more than happy to help you narrow down some decisions. If you need advice on what plants would be suitable for your garden, on how to grow a plant and keep it happy, or even to troubleshoot plant problems, we’d be happy to offer advice.