Corylus cornuta

(Beaked hazelnut)

Growth: Dense, many-branched, deciduous native shrub in the birch family whose natural habitat is the understory of mixed woodlands. Will regenerate from stumps and spreads prolifically by seed (edible nuts). (Thank you, squirrels!) Grow in the shrub border, as a dense screen or hedge or in a naturalized setting in part sun and moist soil. 

Characteristics: Long yellow-green catkins appear in early spring, followed by rounded fuzzy leaves with saw-toothed edges and deep veining, which turn brilliant lime yellow in the fall. Spherical nuts are enclosed in a husk that projects beyond the nut to form a “beak”. Nuts are edible to humans, birds and squirrels and the shrub itself provides a dense nesting site.

Size:   Height 5-8’ (1.5-2.5m) 
            Width 5-8’ (1.5-2.5m)

Zone: 3  

On site:  11cm $10.00