Ribes lacustre

(Prickly black gooseberry/currant)

Growth: The natural habitat of this native gooseberry/currant is moist woods, bogs and wetlands. Grows as a many-stemmed suckering shrub, upright in sunny areas, more lax in the shade. Grow in part shade in a naturalized or open woodland setting in consistently moist to wet soil. 

Characteristics: Bright green leaves have 3-5 primary lobes. Leaflets are coarsely toothed and deeply veined. Mature stems are reddish brown and covered in short prickles. Flowers are in dangling clusters from leaf axils, small, saucer-shaped, with 5 creamy-pink petals and recurved calyxes., occurring in late spring. Fruit is a round black berry. Both flowers and fruit are hairy. Fruit is edible, but just barely!

Size:   Height 2-5’ (60-150cm) 
             Width indeterminate

Zone: 2  

On site:  11cm  $8.00