Symphyotrichum puniceum

(Swamp aster)

Growth: Upright, tall, rhizomatous, clump-forming. This native aster is widespread across North America, preferring moist or boggy soil at the margins of lakes, streams, wetlands, woodland edges and moist ditches. Grow at back of the moist herbaceous border or cottage garden, near a water feature, or in a naturalized moist meadow in full to partial sun. 

Characteristics: Long stems with narrow, lance-shaped leaves mature to purplish-red as season progresses. Branched clusters of small lavender to purple florets with yellow centres bloom at the end of the stems. This is the latest blooming of the native asters, coming out in late summer into fall and as such is an important late season source of food for many species of insects.

Size:   Height 1-5’ (30-150cm) 
             Width  2-3’ (60-90cm)

Zone: 2  

On site:  1 gal  $10.00