Maianthemum canadense

(Canada mayflower)

Growth: Clump-forming, rhizomatous, with erect flowering stems. Native perennial occurring in the understory of deciduous and coniferous forests. Will grow in moist to dry conditions. Grow in the woodland garden or in a naturalized setting. 

Characteristics: Plants may be either one-leaved without flowering structures, or flowering stems with several leaves. Leaves are a narrow heart shape. 12-25 star-shaped white flowers appear in clusters on an upright stalk, with the lowest florets opening first. Blooms in early summer, forming white berries which turn to red in fall.

The plant is rich in calcium and phosphorous and is important springtime food for white-tailed deer.

Size:   Height 4-8” (10-20cm) 
             Width indeterminate

Zone: 2  

On site:  11cm  $10.00